The Academy Apprenticeship Program

For advanced students who want to be fully immmersed in the curriculum, this program is for you.

This program is very limited and will only accept a few students who have demonstrated the capacity to lead and support others.


Apprentices must attend the kickoff apprentice-only weekend intensive in NYC (September 22-24).  The intensive will be a review and an assessment of the curriculum, and begin the process of

Apprentices must attend a dedicated class the Thursday before every weekend class in Fall Semester (PWM101 + Foundations).

Apprentices must be active participants in.

Apprentices must attend every weekend intensive in Fall Semester, where they will assist the Production team,  

Apprentices must attend a minimum of 3 Practice Days in the Fall and be willing to be coached while leading selected exercises.  

Apprentices must participate in a weekly call to work on areas in their own lives where they are applying the work and discovering new insights. 

It is not enough to be a phenomenal source of support to The Academy and its students:  you will be required to do the work of The Academy for your own benefits and lead by example.  You will receive the full support from Kasia and The Academy, and be expected to do the work in turn.



Tuition: $3,000