"The new way is not the opposite of the old way. The new way renders the old way and it's opposite obsolete. That is the difference between war and transformation."

- Kasia Urbaniak

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Powerful women contribute towards powerful organizations.

The Academy offers trainings tailor-made for organizations. We distill the elements of power dynamics and offer a step-by-step approach to empower every member of your team to communicate powerfully and effectively when it matters most.

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Presentation Coaching

The words we use deliver the information we want the other person to hear; our non-verbal communication tells them how to feel about it.

Whether it's negotiating a salary or pitching your startup to a VC,  women can be at particular disadvantage. The Academy can help you dominate your next presentation.

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Invite Kasia to Speak

Kasia Urbaniak is an inspiring, visionary speaker in the area of power and gender.  

We must talk about power and gender in a new way that's inclusive and empowering to both men and women.

Invite Kasia to speak at your next event.