Power with Men 101
to Dec 10

Power with Men 101

A woman’s power is not a private affair.

Because when a woman cannot find her voice, everybody loses.
And the world can no longer afford the silence of women.
Power with Men 101 is essential training for every woman.

It is the paradigm-shifting introductory course that blows the door wide open for a woman to experience her boldest power and give it voice. 
With that power comes a vision of the life she can create. 
With that power comes a vision of the world she can create.  

The foundation for all advanced study at The Academy, Power with Men 101 meets online for over four weeks, then culminates in a live weekend with Kasia Urbaniak in New York City.  

Power With Men 101 is a visceral introduction, a live-in-the-moment training in what it means to have irresistible power with others.

This class reveals the hidden energetic exchanges between men and women, among human beings in general, and lays bare the unseen power dynamics at play. 



Week 1: November 12 - 18
Week 2: November 19 - 25
Week 3: November 26 - Dec 2
Week 4: December 3 - 8

NYC Weekend:

December 8:  7 - 10 pm
December 9:  12 noon - 8 pm
December 10:  12 noon - 8 pm



Why is this class larger than previous versions of PWM101?
The Academy’s goal is to change the world, and we can’t do that by training only twelve women at a time.  Because Power with Men 101 contains crucial information for every woman, we’ve chosen to make it more accessible in terms of price, and to expand the number of women in the room.

What will I need for the online portion of the class?
Each week, students will receive content and assignments to review and complete at a time that is most convenient for them.  Q&A videos will be posted weekly in response to questions that come up during the week, and are available to view when your schedule permits.

What if I need to miss the in-person weekend?
The in-person weekend is an indispensable component of this program.  If you know you cannot make the weekend, we recommend registering for a future class that better works with your schedule.

What if I have additional questions?
Please fill out the following form and someone from our admissions team will be in touch with you shortly.


Please fill out the following form and someone from our admissions team will be in touch with you shortly.

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Foundations of Power
to May 20

Foundations of Power

Understand power.  Change the world

This course is a complete education in the Ways of Power for women.

A training process in navigating the power dynamics in all your relationships.

There is no other course like it in the world.

Master the arts of verbal and bodily communication, and develop the imagination necessary to create subtle or radical shifts in your life, your communities, and the world at large.

NYC Dates (2018):  March 16-18 // April 20-22 // May 18-20

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Advanced Power With Men
to Feb 25

Advanced Power With Men

For advanced players only.

Advanced Power with Men is a playground for our most advanced students, specifically tailored to the tastes of the women enrolled.

This is the smallest and highest level class offered by The Academy, with twelve hand-selected students working intimately under Kasia’s impeccable supervision.

Students in this class will pass through several challenges and visceral experiences, honing their expert use of erotic attention. 

February 23: 7 pm - 10 pm
February 24: 12 noon - 8 pm
February 25: 12 noon - 8 pm


Location: NYC

Admissions by application only.  For more information, please fill out the following form and our Admissions team will be in touch with you shortly.

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