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Power With Men 101

A woman’s power is not a private affair.

Because when a woman cannot find her voice, everybody loses.
And the world can no longer afford the silence of women.
Power with Men 101 is essential training for every woman.

It is the paradigm-shifting introductory course that blows the door wide open for a woman to experience her boldest power and give it voice. 
With that power comes a vision of the life she can create. 
With that power comes a vision of the world she can create.  

The foundation for all advanced study at The Academy, Power with Men 101 meets online for over four weeks, then culminates in a live weekend with Kasia Urbaniak in New York City.  

Power With Men 101 is a visceral introduction, a live-in-the-moment training in what it means to have irresistible power with others.

This class reveals the hidden energetic exchanges between men and women, among human beings in general, and lays bare the unseen power dynamics at play. 



Week 1: November 12 - 18
Week 2: November 19 - 25
Week 3: November 26 - Dec 2
Week 4: December 3 - 8

NYC Weekend:

December 8:  7 - 10 pm
December 9:  12 noon - 8 pm
December 10:  12 noon - 8 pm



What will I need for the online portion of the class?
Each week, students will receive content and assignments to review and complete at a time that is most convenient for them.  Q&A videos will be posted weekly in response to questions that come up during the week, and are available to view when your schedule permits. 

Generally, students spend between 30 - 45 minutes per week completing online coursework.

What do students do in class?

In this class, you will learn by doing. The exercises are designed to engage you intellectually, emotionally and physically. They will help you take stock of your most powerful relationships, notice where power dynamics are stuck, take stock of your community, and release your long-held blocks against radically free expressions of power and influence.

Will working with The Academy help me professionally?

If being able to...

  • Express yourself powerfully

  • Ask for anything and feel good about it

  • Ask for anything and have others also feel good about it

...are useful skills in your professional life, then yes, absolutely. This class will help you professionally.

Will working with The Academy help my personal relationships?

Yes.  Our students have transformed their relationships with their lovers, partners, parents, children, siblings, coworkers, even problematic pets- at the way and scale that matters to them.

Some students come for purely professional reasons, others arrive with the intent of changing stuck or unhealthy dynamics in their personal lives. No matter which intentions they bring with them the first day of class, all students benefit and learn from each other’s presence and experience.

Is studying at The Academy right for me?

The Academy’s courses are designed for students who are eager transform existing power dynamics at work, at home, and in society in general.

I’m not in a relationship with a man / I’m not attracted to men. Is this work for me?

No matter which gender(s) you enjoy sexually, there’s no denying that the world is full of men. 

Navigating relationships with men- whether business, familial, or personal- require us to confront thorny power dynamics that are often tied up with gender identity. This course will change the way you play the game of power with all the men in your life, whether you’re romantically involved with them or not.

Is this work only for ciswomen?

Classes at The Academy are intended for all people who self-identify as female.

A main focus of this course is disentangling our culture’s conflation of gender and power dynamics.  It’s been our experience that LGBTQIA students often particularly love the class because they have already confronted these concepts.

What if I need to miss the in-person weekend?

The in-person weekend is an indispensable component of this program.  If you know you cannot make the weekend, we recommend registering for a future class that better works with your schedule.

Is it ok to attend class with my daughter/mother?

As long as the daughter is over 18, mother/daughter pairs are extremely welcome. The work that mothers and daughters do together is extremely powerful and healing- not just for themselves, but for the whole room. In fact, we believe so strongly in the benefits of having mothers and daughters in class together, we offer a mother/daughter discount.

Am I too old to take this class?

The youngest woman we’ve had in class was 18, and the oldest was 80. This work is designed to give women of all ages, races, and backgrounds an expansive set of tools to expand their personal sphere of influence, reconfigure stuck relationship patterns, and impact the world wherever and whenever they choose.



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