Verbal Self-Defense Dojo: An Online Course

Mansplaining, manterrupting, minimization, harassment:
Learn how to play when you don’t know what to say.

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Something is shifting.

Never before have so many women said the things they've left unspoken for so many years.

Never before have so many women publicly voiced the privately locked pains they have carried and muscled through.

Never before has the silence of women echoed so loudly.

That silence ends now.


When women are challenged, undermined, or harassed, our culturally conditioned default is to go silent. To shut down.

This course retrains the conditioning that keeps women silent.


Verbal Self-Defense Dojo is the online version of The Academy’s sold-out Verbal Self-Defense Training Camp.

This course is an experiential, interactive tool that will train you to fight back when you're under attack.

In a series of four fun, practice-filled modules, Kasia teaches a series of simple, practical steps that will allow you to prevent yourself from entering a habituated state of shutdown when you’re challenged or undermined.

Since practicing these tools is a critical part of integrating them into your everyday behavior, you'll receive lifetime access to repeat the course as many times as you like.


What skills will I learn?


Know how to discern between an innocent comment and one made with ill intent.

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Gauge the exact level of intensity you’ll need to resolve a situation without escalation.

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Assess and address inappropriate comments without panicking or freezing.

I’m better able to control any negative emotional responses I might have to my co-workers’ actions that I used to perceive as attacks because I can better read their intentions.
— Samantha Levin

Is this course right for me?

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  • Have you ever been left feeling small or unsafe due to a sexually suggestive comment, but dismissed it because you weren’t completely sure of the intentions behind it?

  • Have you ever entered a conversation wanting an apology, only to wind up apologizing yourself?

  • Have you ever stepped into a scenario ready to ask for something you wanted, but walked away with something entirely different?

These scenarios all follow similar communication patterns that can render a woman totally speechless.

You'll train to . . .



Women have been conditioned to freeze or shut down at the very moments that are most crucial to our self-preservation. Learn the shockingly simple way to end that pattern forever.



There is no reason to answer questions you should never be asked in the first place! Gain tools to smoothly deflect or reject those inappropriate, prying, and otherwise thorny questions.



Gain strategies to discern the intent behind an uncomfortable question or statement. Determine whether you’re dealing with an aggressor or a well-meaning klutz and deal with them accordingly.



Never bring a knife to a gunfight. Know how to modulate the intensity of your response based on the intensity of the challenge or attack.



Learn techniques to free yourself from uncomfortable or inappropriate situations without appearing aggressive or shutting down.


What makes this course unique?

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Practice Over Theory

Verbal Self-Defense Dojo is entirely practice based.  Kasia will walk you through real-life scenarios and help you train to have a greater range of instinctive responses.


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Real Life Scenarios

This course trains women to overcome the common experience of "freeze" that shuts women down in critical moments, leaving them speechless.


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Lifetime Learning

Verbal Self-Defense Dojo is a toolbox you can use this course again and again as you gain mastery the skills.

We've called this course a dojo because it is a training ground.


How do I sign up?


Pre-Registration Begins:  January 18, 2018

Course Release Date:  February 22, 2018


Pre-Registration (Before February 22):  $97

Full Registration (After February 22):  $197

Students who purchase the course during the pre-registration period will receive Verbal Self-Defense Dojo on February 22.

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Take back the power that was always yours.
Reclaim your voice.

Use it to create a better world.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Verbal Self-Defense Dojo only for women?
People of all genders can find themselves rendered speechless in the face of inappropriate or shocking comments. While this course was created specifically to help women find their voices instead of freezing in those moments, the skills covered in Verbal Self-Defense Dojo can be used by people of any gender, in a multitude of situations.
Please note that at this time, the course Facebook page is designated for women-identified people only.
Should I wait to take an in-person course instead of purchasing this one?
Verbal Self-Defense Dojo makes a great companion to Kasia’s in-person teachings on the subject. The NYC lectures allow us to get into greater depth with live demonstrations, while the virtual class allows each student to practice getting herself out of a frozen, speechless position.
Do I need to take Verbal Self-Defense Dojo at a specific time?
Nope! This class is delivered asynchronously, which means you can start it whenever you want, at your own pace. We encourage you to repeat it as many times as possible, since practice is essential to the integration of these new skills.

Who can I practice my new skills with?
We strongly encourage all our students to share these techniques far and wide! We even suggest taking the course live with a group, so you can be inspired by each other’s creativity and cheer one another on in expanding your abilities to respond to situations that once might have left you at a loss for words.

The Verbal Self-Defense Dojo Facebook page is also a great place to share your thoughts and hone your techniques with a likeminded community.
How long should it take me to complete the course?
The full course lasts about four hours.  You’ll have lifetime access to Verbal Self-Defense Dojo, so you can feel free to break it up according to your schedule, and repeat it until the skills become second nature. Many of these techniques fly directly in the face of the way we’ve been conditioned to respond to challenging social situations, so we encourage you to keep practicing until they become second nature.
Can I take this course with my friends?
YES! There’s so much strength (and fun) in numbers. We hope that some students will wind up doing the course “karaoke-style” in groups. 

What if I still have questions?
Send us an email using the form below and someone from our team will be in touch shortly. 

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