Art inspired by a lifelong exploration of the divine and the profane.    


Kasia is an award-winning artist and writer. She spends her time between Los Angeles, New York City, and Warsaw with her pet dragon.

Kasia has a gift to see into people's bodies, and over the past 16 years, she has apprenticed with spiritual masters all over the world. At one point, she was steps away from being ordained as a Daoist nun.

In her twenties, Kasia worked as New York City's highest paid Dominatrix, dominating the most powerful men in the world.  

Heads of State. Celebrities. Sports stars. Corporate moguls


When not busy creating art, wherever she is, Kasia holds free weekly tarot card salons, as well as facilitating shamanic constellations, and body reading, on a limited basis.  In addition, she takes a small number of students each year.

Kasia is available for commissioned work as well as for private portraits.

Kasia is one of the greatest minds of our generation, and one of the first of a new breed of woman
— Joe Lubavitch
“Kasia’s work defies description or understanding. It is pure magic. It reveals the hidden languages that govern our lives, and in revealing them frees us from the tyranny of our own limited ideas and misconceptions.”
— Jeremy Lubman
Her images show us that the universe is so much greater than our wildest imaginings, and yet it is constantly whispering in our ears if we know how to listen. Kasia is an expert listener, and far more.
— Ramis Barquet


Men. Power. Sex. Money. Sorcery.

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