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"What Urbaniak offers is refreshing because it eschews all the usual tropes of female-focused self-help. At the Academy, you don’t have to strike the right power pose or find your inner Kali or even lie prostrate on a couch and explore how your emotionally withholding father fucked you up with men. Rather, Urbaniak’s approach shares much with Cesar Milan’s, whose book on dog training was a revelation to her when she first started working in the dungeon."

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Take It From a Professional: Here’s How You Handle a Man

"The Academy draws from dominatrixes’ psychological, rather than physical, tools. Political applications of BDSM make sense when you consider the gender roles that trap women in submissive societal positions are the same as those locking men in dominant ones."

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A Dominatrix Reveals the Secret to Power Dynamics

"Kasia apparently does teach with a riding crop but the crux of her teachings comes down to a simple element of power dynamics that psychologists have studied for years. And, this secret element can be used in dealing with people in a wide array of situations beyond the bedroom.  The key to taking your power or giving it away comes down to a simple question: Where does your attention go?"

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What I Learned at a Verbal Self-Defense Camp for Women

"The thing that struck me the most was the incredible range of age diversity in the class: from college students to a grandmother and every age in between. The night concluded with a middle-aged mom saying, 'We as women are always taking bullets in life and now knowing how to [verbally] respond will act as our bullet-proof vests.' Let us all reenter this world with a bullet-proof vest for life."

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Why A Former Dominatrix Might Just Become Your New Career Coach

The goal is not to cede your power by answering an unwanted question or submitting to someone else’s framing of the interaction, which is especially difficult to resist when you’re caught off-guard. Meeting a question with a question sounds simple, but it puts you in the headspace of realizing that you have the means to change the flow of a conversation or upset an unequal dynamic.

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Roundhouse Radio:  An Interview with Kasia Urbaniak

In the wake of #metoo verbal defense has never been more in the spotlight. Former Dominatrix and the focus of a recent New York Times feature, Kasia Urbaniak, Founder and CEO of the Academy in New York comes on to talk about how she is helping women find their voice in the wake of #metoo. 

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Foundations of Unshakable Power

“On some level we’ve totally neglected primal communication. We’ve neglected that there’s an entire conversation happening between bodies that you cannot speak over. You can talk, talk, talk say powerful things, say disempowering things, say whatever you want, but you can’t neglect that level of communication.”  - Kasia Urbaniak

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Her Rules Radio

"I teach women to communicate powerfully and to influence others. Not in a way that involves force, but in a way that involves influence and transformation, so they not only get what they want, but  they actually create a new ally." - Kasia Urbaniak

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