Kasia Urbaniak & The Academy present

Cornering Harvey:
A Verbal Self-Defense Training Camp for Women

February 9th, 2018: 7 - 9 PM
in New York City

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Never before have so many women said the things they've left unspoken for so many years. 

Never before have so many women publicly voiced the privately locked pains they have carried and muscled through.

Never before has the silence of women echoed so loudly.

The era of women's silence ends now.

Join us.


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Consider this . . .

Have you ever been left feeling small or unsafe due to a sexually suggestive comment, but dismissed it because you weren’t completely sure of the intentions behind it?

Have you ever entered a conversation wanting an apology, only to wind up apologizing yourself?

Have you ever stepped into a scenario ready to ask for something you wanted, but walked away with something entirely different?

These scenarios all follow similar communication patterns that can render a woman totally speechless.

This event is for you.

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What are we training for?

We train for those speechless moments. 

Those moments you want to say something and can’t. 

Those moments where you could scream but wouldn’t know what to say.

Those moment that pass us as we lock down and hope for the best scenario- a scenario that rarely comes.

Those moments that pass, but never really go away. 

Those moments. 

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What will we do?

We will get right to the heart of the power games that lurk under the surface when you suddenly find yourself in someone else’s movie, playing a supporting role that you never asked for.

We will practice handling power dynamics when faced with opposition.

We will focus on the practical techniques any woman can use when faced with someone's agenda, assumptions, and strong verbal attacks. 

Through group exercises based on common scenarios that leave women feeling speechless, we will learn and practice tools you can use to regain your voice and change the game in the most paralyzing situations. 

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What will it cost?

Every woman on the planet can use this information, so we are making this event as affordable as possible.

No woman will be denied a ticket due to an inability to pay.

Note that The Academy's Training Camps sell out quickly.

The time is now!! Join us!

When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.
Grab them by the pussy.

You can do anything.
— The 45th President of the United States of America

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