Foundations of Power
Spring 2019

What would you do with unlimited power and influence?

There is no other course like it in the world.

With this unique framework you will understand the power dynamics in your relationships.  You will fully own your deeply rooted wisdom and lead from your most powerful instincts. 

You will learn skills necessary to navigate every situation and access the language and imagination necessary to create the change you want to see in the world.

Understand power.  Change the world.

The Curriculum

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Unshakeable Power & Influence


Unleash your greatest power and deepest animal instinct.

Learn to make any request, of anyone in your life.

In the first weekend, dive into the study of power and begin practicing it like a martial art. Starting with your relationships with men, you will experience the sensation of wielding unshakable power and authority, and learn to receive with absolute legitimacy.

You’ll leave the weekend with a wildly expansive understanding of every relationship and interaction in your life.


Tactical Training


Never be speechless again.

In the second weekend, you’ll play out the most challenging, high-stakes interactions that you experience in your personal and professional life. 

You’ll learn situation-specific negotiation techniques based on the principles of power.

Wield power and influence in every conversation you will ever have. 

Play powerfully with every type of no.



The Power to Create


Emerge as a leader in your family, business, or community.

Use your new arsenal of tools to reshape your entire world.

Where outdated roles have made relationships dull, unequal or stuck, learn to forge radically new roles and relationships.

By the end of Foundations, you’ll have gained the power and insight to shift every relationship and interaction in your life.


How This Program Works

Weekend Intensives

The weekend intensives, held in a beautiful venue in New York City and taught exclusively by Kasia Urbaniak, bring together women all over the world and from every walk of life. 

Each weekend is designed so that every student participates in individual exercises and role-plays under Kasia’s expert supervision.

No woman will be left behind.

Weekly Engagement

The weeks online before each intensive are where the bulk of the theoretical content is taught and applied for your life. 

In preparation for the highly experiential live weekends, students receive videos & assignments each week, and participate in weekly coaching calls with Kasia.

Who is this program right for?

This course of study is particularly well suited for women who are navigating situations with complicated power dynamics, such as starting a new business, beginning or ending a romantic relationship, or reinventing family dynamics.

Power With Men 101 is not a pre-requisite for this class.

However, all students who sign up for Foundations receive complimentary admission to the March 2019 Power With Men 101 class.

If you have questions about whether Foundations of Power is right for you, contact us.


What will I learn specifically?

  • How to ask anyone for anything

  • How to play with "No" & every type of resistance

  • How to flip stuck power dynamics

  • How to receive when you're tired of overgiving

  • How to command an entire room without wavering

  • Mastering manterrupting, mansplaining, and men in general

  • Playing skillfully with bad boys, bad bosses, and other well-intentioned lost man-creatures

  • And much more . . .


NYC Dates (Spring 2019):
March 1 - 3: Power With Men 101
April 5 - 7:   Weekend One*
May 3 - 5:      Weekend Two
May 31 - June 2:   Weekend Three

Weekly Phone Calls:
Weekly phone calls with Kasia are scheduled in accordance with students’ schedules.


Early Registration (before November 15th) :  $10,000 (when paid in-full)
Full Tuition:  $12,500 

If you are interested in learning more about whether Foundations of Power Spring 2019 is right for you, you can schedule a phone call directly with Kasia Urbaniak using the link below.

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