Keys to Power: Getting off the Spot

The Asking Practice typically also reveals that many of us fear that if the person we ask says yes, we’ll be in debt to them.

As important as it is to play with no, it's also important to know how to say no or set yourself up so you can play back against other peoples' assumptions and expectations.  

If you can't say no and you can't play with a request to figure out whether you want to say yes, then you're powerless in the world of other people's agendas.

The most powerful thing you can do when you are put on the spot is to move yourself out of submissive position.  Putting attention on the other person buys yourself time to investigate whether you want to say yes or no.

This unbelievably simple skill gets you out of submissive position:

When someone asks you to reveal something you're not sure you're ready to reveal, simply ask them a question back that places the attention on them.

At The Academy, we teach a wide range of tools so that women can exert greater power and influence in every relationship in their life.  This is one of the simplest, and most powerful.

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