Power With Men: In Action (Fall 2019)


The world can’t wait for women to become the most powerful, radically self-expressed and influential versions of themselves.

It starts with you getting exactly what you want.

In this ten-week, live online exploration of power, we will be applying the most radically effective tools and tactics the entire Academy curriculum has to offer to the most critical relationships in your life.

We will learn how to break the millennia of conditioning that can at the most critical moments, shut down the most powerful, ruthlessly loving, unstoppable women we know we are and were born to be.

The name of the class is Power With Men. The lessons and victories of this journey will apply to everyone in your life, regardless of gender.

I hope you’ll join us.

Kasia xo

Join us on a journey through the landscape of power in your life.

Course Curriculum

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Who is this class for?

If you’ve studied at The Academy before:

This class will support you in a deeper application of power dynamics to the situations you are currently facing, in real time.

If this is your first class at The Academy, consider this:

Have you ever had to navigate any of the following impossible predicaments: too bossy/too needy, too aggressive/too accommodating, too much/too little?

Have you ever been paralyzed by the thought of asking for something vulnerable and hearing "no?"

Have you ever walked into a situation fully prepared and confident, only to lose your voice at the most critical moment?

Have you ever felt exhausted by everything you do for others without being able to receive much support in return?

This class is for you.

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What will we learn?

  • How to know exactly what you want from a situation.

  • How to turn frustration and rage into power, clarity and precision.

  • How to prepare for a difficult conversation so you can naturally show up confident, compelling, even playful.

  • How to play when the answer is ‘no’

  • How to flip power dynamics when confronted, placed on the spot or cornered into an excruciating and uncomfortable situation.

  • How to break the freeze when you find yourself unable to speak at the most critical moment

  • How to own what you want and feel the full powerful legitimacy in your body, heart and speech.

How the Course Works

Weekly Class

Each week's class will be taught live by Kasia via Zoom, the popular videoconferencing software.

Students who can’t join the class will have the ability to watch the replay of the class at any time that is convenient for them.

Weekly Q&A

Each week, Kasia will host a live one-hour Q&A session to answer questions. Support you in applying the curriculum in real time to what you’re facing.

For students who are afraid of falling behind, we will host a mid-course Catch Up Call (on October 1st) to provide ample opportunity to catch up.

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Videos & Assignments

Students will receive videos assignments each week which they will be able to submit via email or on the class’s private group.

All students will have lifetime access to the videos & class recordings.

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Study Hall

Study Hall is an opportunity to complete assignments and missions in community and provide the opportunity to ask for help if you get stuck with an exercise. 

Though optional, many students find this incredibly beneficial as a way of remaining accountable.

Dates & Times


September 10, 17, 24
October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

6 - 7 PM ET: Q&A with Kasia Urbaniak
7 - 8 PM ET: Study Hall


September 5, 12, 19, 26
October 10, 17, 24, 31

6 - 8 PM ET

November 5 (6 - 8 pm ET)

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Power With Men: In Action (Online)
September - October 2019
Payment in Full:  $995
Payment Plan:  $295 x 4 monthly payments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any in-person classes?
No. This class will be taught entirely online!

How does Study Hall work?
The intent of Study Hall is to create a quiet space for students to work on their assignments and receive feedback and guidance directly from Kasia. We’ve found that students who consistently work on assignments outside of class often gain valuable insights that generate more questions— Study Hall is the perfect place to go deeper into the conversation around money.

What if I’ve already taken Power With Men 101 in-person?
The concepts and videos will be relatively similar to what you learned in PWM101.  The difference is that this course is heavily focused in supporting you in application of those concepts in real time, encouraging you to experiment with material in real life as you continue to expand the range of your influence.

What software do I need?
All you need is the popular, free video conferencing software ZOOM.

Nothing kept me from studying at The Academy after I witnessed what was happening with my friends who took Power with Men.

EVERY woman needs to know this work to navigate the patriarchy from a place of strength and certainly.
— Joanne Porzio