Power With Men 101

March 2018

Kasia Urbaniak laughs with students while teaching Power With Men 101

Power with Men 101 is essential training for every woman.

It is a month-long paradigm-shifting course that blows the door wide open for a woman to experience her boldest power and give it voice. 

With that power comes a vision of the life she can create. 

With that power comes a vision of the world she can create.

Understand power.  Change the world.


Power With Men 101 reveals the hidden energetic exchanges between men and women, and exposes the power dynamics at play between all human beings.

Kasia has some ideas that resonate deep down. What surprised me and hooked me was that she teaches these ideas through visceral experience. This is exactly what I needed: to practice what I’d intellectually learned.
— Samantha Levin
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Consider this . . .

Have you ever had to navigate any of the following impossible predicaments: too bossy/too needy, too aggressive/too accommodating, too much/too little?

Have you ever felt that you're "too strong" for the men in your life and decided to "tamp it down?"

Have you ever been paralyzed by the thought of asking for something vulnerable and hearing "no?"

Have you ever walked into a situation fully prepared and confident, only to lose your voice at the most critical moment?

Have you ever felt exhausted by everything you do for others without being able to receive much support in return?

This class is for you.

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What will I learn specifically?

The specific feeling of having total and unshakable power with another human being in a way that elevates you both.

How to ask for the unimaginable in a way that feels good and emerge as a leader in every area of your life.

How to enjoy playing powerfully when you hear no or face resistance, whether at work or at home.

How to powerfully navigate uncomfortable situations that often leave women speechless.  

How to receive when you're tired of overgiving.

How to navigate life's most difficult conversations–from breakups to salary negotiations–with power and ease.

I’m more present at work. I don’t fear conflict, and I’m willing to speak my mind and show up as my real self. The ensuing disruption is way more enlivening than my former MO of going along with things in a helpless way, praying for it to be over.
— Katherine Sandberg

How It Works

Live Classes

Each week's class is held in a beautiful venue in New York City and taught exclusively by Kasia Urbaniak.

Classes are highly experiential: giving students practical, specific tools they can use in their everyday life.

Classes will include live role-plays with men where students will practice their difficult, high-stakes conversations under Kasia's expert supervision.

Online Coursework

The time online in between each class is where the bulk of the theoretical content is taught.

Students will receive videos and assignments each week to prepare them for that week's in-person class.

In addition, students will have the opportunity to submit Q&A each week.

I learned to stand with confidence. To accept people’s attention and not deflect it. To NOT fold in on myself and hold my body in such a way that I’m apologizing for being just by my folded-in posture. I don’t apologize for myself.

I used the tools on my child and was astounded at the breakthrough I had with my teenage son.

What most surprised me is that it felt easier when I was there than I thought it would. Really nice vibe throughout the weekend.
— Irene Webb


March 2018 Class Dates:

March 1, 8, 22, 29:  7 - 10 pm

March 2018 Call Dates:

Thursday, March 15: 
Q&A Group Call with Kasia

Thursday, April 5: 
Integration Group Call with Kasia

LOCATION:  New York City

Is a weekend intensive more convenient for your schedule?

Nothing kept me from studying at The Academy after I witnessed what was happening with my friends who took Power with Men.

EVERY woman needs to know this work to navigate the patriarchy from a place of strength and certainly.
— Joanne Porzio

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the weekly series different from a weekend intensive?

Both the weekly series and the weekend intensives cover the same amount of material and exercises.  For students living outside the NYC metro area, the weekend intensives are easier to attend.  It's worth noting that because classes are practice based, every class is tailored to the unique needs of each group of women.