About Ruben Flores


In 2013, Kasia Urbaniak & Ruben Flores founded The Academy.

He is a co-founder of NYC Medics, an international non-governmental organization delivering medical care in the aftermath of natural disasters and armed conflict worldwide. He has worked in Africa, Asia, and Latin America with the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, and other humanitarian organizations.

After concluding that women are the most critical and least represented voice in determining the future of our world, he left his former career to devote himself to the cause of women's empowerment.

In addition to his background in negotiation, he has spent over a decade studying women, men, and everything that could possibly go wrong between them.

Ruben is particularly interested in working with business leaders who are invested in elevating the voices of the women in their companies, and is available for one-on-one coaching on a case-by-case basis.