About Kasia Urbaniak


Founder and CEO of The Academy, Kasia Urbaniak spent decades becoming one of the world’s most successful dominatrixes while studying power dynamics with teachers all over the world. 

During that time she studied Taoist alchemy in one of the oldest female-led monasteries in China, and obtained dozens of certifications in different disciplines, including Medical Qi Gong and Systemic Constellations.

Since founding The Academy in 2013, she has taught hundreds of women how to expand their personal power and influence, ask for anything they want, in all areas of their lives.  She has spoken at corporations and conferences worldwide.


I was surprised at how approachable, sweet, and down to earth she is. Kasia brings love and a willingness for connection into every interaction, and is prepared to meet her students anywhere they take her.
— Jennifer Jay Lamar House