The Academy

The Academy teaches women to increase power, agency and influence in all areas of their lives. 

The Academy teaches women how to get what they want, break the yoke of cultural “good girl” conditioning and embrace their roles as leaders in their relationships, families, workplaces, and wider communities.

From the time it was founded by Kasia Urbaniak and Ruben Flores in 2010, Academy students have learned to identify and move stuck, seemingly intractable relationship dynamics with the people closest to them. They also train to defend themselves from mansplaining, harassment, gaslighting and and other attacks on their personal power and authority.

The Academy gives women the ability to ask for exactly what they want in a way that feels good to the person being asked. They learn how to hear “no” without getting flustered or giving up. They make bigger, bolder, potentially life-changing asks of the people around them. Students of The Academy have completely reshaped their lives just from making significant asks of the people around them.

Rather than presenting its students with a series of performance-based tricks or vague instructions rooted in self-help pop psychology, classes at The Academy emphasize live roleplays with men, training new and powerful patterns of behavior.

Until recently, The Academy existed as a word-of-mouth only institution, offering small, intimate classes that sold out without advertising. In the aftermath of Trump’s election and due to the demand from the student body, The Academy has decided to bring its work and message to a wider audience.

The Academy currently offers three in-person courses:

Power with Men 101 is the paradigm-shifting introductory course that blows the door open for a woman to experience her boldest power and give it voice. This class meets online for over four weeks, then culminates in a live weekend with Kasia Urbaniak in New York City.

Advanced Power with Men is the smallest and highest level class offered by The Academy. A small group of students will pass through several challenges and visceral experiences, honing their expert use of attention under Kasia’s impeccable supervision.

Foundations is a complete education in power. In the three month -pan of the course, students unleash their deepest animal instinct and emerge as leaders in their communities.

Three brand new online-only courses are currently in development.